The PolyCase Story

Founded in 2012 by Paul Lemke, a retired U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, PolyCase Ammunition is an innovative ammunition company with over 90 years of combined professional experience in micro injection molding and ballistics.

PolyCase co-founders were in the business of injection molding precision engine parts from heat-tolerant cutting-edge materials. For the past 5 years, however, our focus has been to develop a technology that delivers highly reliable, robust, accurate and effective ammunition incorporating lightweight polymer.  As we continue to innovate we learn more about the true capabilities of the technologies we employ, thereby allowing us to develop and efficiently manufacture price competitive ammunition using range compliant components.

Through resourceful engineering and the application of proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials expertise, our offerings are tailored to provide our discerning customers the preferred tools required to effectively accomplish their mission. PolyCase Ammunition and our product offerings are true game changers in a 140-year industry.

PolyCase Cartridges

PolyCase polymer-based cartridge cases set a new standard for use in legacy and increasingly advanced weapons systems. Developed using industry accepted performance standards, PolyCase polymer-based ammunition is lighter, more accurate, generates lower recoil and shoots more flat than conventional ammunition with comparable loads. Incorporating innovative design, readily available and widely used materials and produced using a patent-pending, efficient manufacturing process with no waste water or heavy metal waste streams, this game-changing ammunition is an excellent alternative to conventional ammunition.

PolyCase Metal-Polymer Bullets

PolyCase Ammunition has redefined the projectile manufacturing process. By implementing injection molding technology, cutting edge engineering and proprietary metal-polymer compound we have created patent pending designs and a patent pending manufacturing process that makes precise, consistent, accurate, non-expanding, low ricochet, range compliant projectiles with sound terminal performance.  The manufacturing process is very efficient and allows PolyCase to incorporate designs that were previously achievable only through the use of slow and expensive lathes.

PolyCase metal-polymer projectiles weigh approximately 70% as much as lead core projectiles with similar profiles. This lighter weight means higher velocities, resulting in less bullet drop, less recoil and less muzzle rise, allowing for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots and a very enjoyable shooting experience.  Terminal performance, particularly with our patent pending ARX® projectile, is improved due to higher velocity and design, which creates massive temporary cavities upon impact with soft tissue.  This non-expanding projectile harnesses the gain in kinetic energy accrued due to the increased velocity of fluid through the constriction designed into the flutes contained in the ARX® projectile. The advanced materials and design used in the manufacture of these projectiles also significantly reduce over penetration and the chance of ricochet, helping to moderate the risk of collateral damage during defense situations.